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"Starting your day with a heart healthy, high-protein, high-fiber breakfast smoothie, made with your favorite juice and the Ultimate Breakfast SuperFOOD – Survival Protein™ powder – is the single MOST IMPORTANT decision you could make everyday concerning your health." – Dr. Carl K. Barniak
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There are thousands of food sources on the market, but only a dozen are recognized by the experts for their unusual density of nutrients, anti-inflammatory ability and life-changing qualities.

Survival Protein™ is 100% Pure, Nothing Added
It's a Plant-Based Protein and High-Fiber SuperFOOD!

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Save Money of Food Costs
While Improving Your Health

One 2 lb. Container of Survival Protein™ =
The Protein of 180 Cholesterol-Free Eggs
and the Fiber of 90 Apples

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day!

breakfast smoothie Vibrant Health and Mental Intelligence Starts with a Heart-Healthy, Diabetic-Friendly, High-Protein, High-Fiber Breakfast Smoothie – Made with Your Favorite Juice and Survival Protein™
What you eat and drink whenever your day begins, determines your physical well being and mental health all day long. There are 3 vital resources your brain and body immediately requires when you start your day. Your overall health, mental and physical fitness depends on your ability to satisfy these three daily requirements when your day begins.

1. Your Body Needs a Heart-Healthy ProteinNOT SUGAR, CARBOHYDRATES OR ANIMAL FATS.

Protein is Necessary for Life – You cannot live long without eating protein. Protein is a fundamental food source for humans and provides the key building blocks of every cell in your body. In order to enjoy vibrant health, at the beginning of everyday, your body requires a heart-healthy protein that can be easily digested and absorbed into your bloodstream.

2. Your Body Needs to Rehydrate.
Your body needs a healthy fluid to replenish lost water during the sleep cycle. For a heart healthy, diabetic-friendly breakfast, the best fluids are unsweetened fruit or vegetable juices, purified or distilled water.

3. Your Body Needs a Fiber to Help Eliminate Waste.
The FDA recommends 30 grams of fiber everyday for a diet of 2,500 calories in order to eliminate decaying food waste and harmful toxins from your intestinal tract.

People who are starving or in a health crisis require a water-soluble protein to rapidly feed their body the vital nutrition they need for recovery.

feed starving children and elderly Children and Adults Who are Starving, the Elderly, and People Who are Suffering from Serious Medical Problems, Have Difficulty Eating and Digesting Food that is NOT Water-Soluble.

Processed foods and animal proteins are difficult for healthy people to properly digest and utilize for nutrition, even more difficult for someone who is sick or elderly. Survival Protein™ is cholesterol-free, water-soluble, tasteless protein powder with fiber. When mixed with water or juice, it is easy to digest and completely absorbed into the bloodstream.

feed Haiti children

The Root Cause of the Growing Healthcare Crisis in America and Throughout the World is –
Poor Nutrition from Protein Poor Diets.

It is our position that government food programs and relief agencies are feeding people too many raw, uncooked grains and processed foods that have high concentrations of carbohydrates, sugar, salt, animal fats, or other artificial ingredients that can cause allergic reactions.

The common philosophy is that people who are starving or sick, need a lot of calories, instead of a water-soluble protein. However, high calorie diets are not only unsatisfying and expensive, but they can trigger an insulin reaction. Insulin removes excess sugar from the bloodstream by converting it into body fat. Foods that trigger an insulin reaction rapidly decrease bloodsugar to dangerously low levels, which increases hunger and induces mental and physical fatigue. For people who are starving, and those who are diabetics, high-sugar, high-carbohydrate foods can lead to organ failure, stroke and death.

Protein Alone Stabilizes Blood Sugar, Curbs Hunger and Calms Irritability.
The sensation of hunger is the body's natural response to low blood sugar. Protein alone – NOT sugar, carbohydrates or fat – will stabilize blood sugar, feed the body vital nutrition it needs and satisfy hunger for hours. Most violent crimes occur during periods of unstable blood sugar (hypo / hyperglycemia). Protein is vitally important for people who suffer from diabetes, mental illness, depression and addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Protein Alone Strengthens Your Immune System – Sugar Weakens It.
Your body's ability to fight off infections and disease is dependent on adequate amounts of protein in your diet everyday. Protein stimulates growth hormones and controls appetite. Sugar depresses growth hormone, stimulates your appetite and weakens your body's ability to fight off disease. Sugar feeds the growth of bacteria, yeast and viruses. Diets that are high in carbohydrates, sugar and animal fats are a contributing factor to weight gain and many diseases.

Protein is Necessary for all Brain Functions, Including Memory and the Ability to Learn
Mental Intelligence is directly linked to protein consumption. Your brain controls all body functions and requires adequate amounts of protein everyday for all mental activity, including your ability to focus your attention, learn, reason, memory, communicate, and to control body functions.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends 50-65 grams of protein everyday for a diet of 2,000 – 2,500 calories for healthy adults. Your brain and body needs approximately 1/3 of your daily requirements of protein when your day begins and the remaining protein throughout the day. A basic guide for daily protein requirements for a healthy adult is 50% of your optimum body weight in grams, based on your height. (i.e., A healthy person weighing 130 lbs. requires 65 grams of protein daily for optimum mental and physical health.)

Children and young adults who are still growing and individuals who are sick, injured or recovering from medical procedures may require 75-150% of their body weight in grams, of protein daily to recover and rebuild their immune system. Many athletes and bodybuilders consume 1-2 grams of protein per pound of desired body weight daily, with a controlled diet limiting carbohydrates and animal fats for optimum muscle repair, gain and athletic performance.

Ten Classic Signs of Protein Deficiency
1. Fatigue
2. Hunger
3. Irritability
4. Lack of Mental Alertness
5. Brittle Hair
6. Brittle Nails
7. Hair Loss
8. Impaired Immune System
9. Excess Body Fat
10. Muscle Weakness

Judge all Protein Products by 6 Nutritional Guidelines:

1. Protein without fiber causes diarrhea.
2. Protein stimulates growth hormone and strengthens your immune system while sugar inhibits growth hormones and weakens your immune system.
3. The more Alkaline the food you eat (greater than 7.0 pH), the greater its value to your body.
4. Artificial ingredients should be avoided. When you see a label with a man-made artificial ingredients – think plastic!
5. Animal fat should be avoided.
6. High Sodium products (greater than a 2:1 sodium to potassium ratio), should be avoided.

Survival Protein™ Meets all 6 Nutritional Standards!

It Only Takes 3 Minutes To ...
Dramatically Change the Way Your Feel All Day Long!

Survival Protein™ Smoothie Recipes A fruit smoothie made with Survival Protein™ makes the perfect high-protein, high-fiber, low-carb instant breakfast, feeding your brain and body vital nutrition it needs for vibrant health and mental clarity. It's the perfect meal replacement, or high-energy mid-day snack – satisfying hunger for hours.

Survival Protein™ is uniquely important for growing children, sports team members, amateur and professional athletes, body builders, military soldiers, marathon runners and anyone who works under extreme physical or mentally stressful conditions.

Survival Protein™ supplies vital protein for rapid muscle and mental recovery after strenuous labor or vigorous exercise during sporting events, fitness training, long distance running and extreme survival maneuvers – where physical and mental endurance is taken to the limits of exhaustion.

Heart-Healthy, Diabetic-Friendly, High-Energy Meal Replacement for Fitness Training and Weight Management
Mix 2 scoops of our TASTELESS Survival Protein™ with 16 ounces of your favorite unsweetened juice, or other healthy beverage, as a daily meal replacement for breakfast and evening meals. Add ice and mix thoroughly in a blender. Drink immediately. Eat a satisfying, heart-healthy lunch. Exercise daily.

Survival Protein™ Satisfies Hunger and Increases Mental Focus for up to 6 Hours!

Survival Protein™ is the World's Most Perfect Food –
The Answer to World Hunger

FDAPDCAAS Score – 100 out of 100!
The standardized Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS), adapted by the FDA, represents the percent of a dietary protein which is effectively usable by humans. Survival Protein™ is the highest-rated soy protein product on the market today with a score of 100 out of 100. With 100 indicating a perfect score, Survival Protein™ is the World's Most Perfect Whole Food Source and the Answer to World Hunger.

FDA Survival Protein™ is viewed by the FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a FUNCTIONAL WHOLE FOOD SOURCE – NOT A DIETARY SUPPLEMENT – like a rice, egg, whey, milk casein, or soy isolate protein product which has artificial sweeteners, flavors and preservatives.

Alkaline pH Survival Protein™ has an ALKALINE pH – the same pH as a Healthy Human Body. Since Survival Protein™ is Alkaline, it is virtually TASTELESS and can dissolve instantly in water or juice..

All animal protein sources, including egg, milk, whey and soy protein isolates have an ACID pH value. If you do not have enough calcium in your diet, your body automatically tries to neutralize the acidity in your bloodstream by taking calcium from your bones, teeth and vital organs. This encourages osteoarthritis and osteoporotic decay.

Survival Protein™ qualifies for 2 FDA Health Claims.

1. 25 grams of soy protein a day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.

2. Diets containing foods that are good sources of potassium and low in sodium, my reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

One scoop of Survival Protein™ provides 16 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, plus 750mg of potassium and only 5mg of sodium.

Survival Protein™ is classified as a FUNCTIONAL FOOD – NOT A DIETARY SUPPLEMENT. Therefore, it can be used as a primary food source for an extended period of time. Survival Protein™ is the Perfect Survival Food and the Answer to World Hunger.

Custom Packaging Available
Project Lifeline's Food For Peace™ Program

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100% Soy Protein Concentrate – Nothing Added
A Complete Source of Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids

High Protein – 16 Grams Per Serving
High Fiber – 5 Grams Per Serving
Only 70 Calories Per Serving
Net 1 Carb

Heart Healthy
Cholesterol Free
High Potassium – 750 Mg Per Serving
Low Sodium – 5 Mg Per Serving

Virtually Tasteless
Water Soluble
Easy To Digest
Satisfies Hunger For Hours
Alkaline pH
Builds Lean Muscles
Perfect Protein for Athletes and Bodybuilders
Increases Physical Endurance
Strengthens Immune System
Helps Your Body Repair Cell Damage

Vegetarian Friendly
Virtually Allergy Free
Lactose Free
Gluten Free
Diabetic Friendly
Sugar Free
Low Glycemic < 20
No Artificial Ingredients
Mixes Instantly in your Water, Juice, Soup, Cereal, Oatmeal and Baked Goods

Packaged in a Re-Sealable Pouch
36 Servings Per Container
No Refrigeration Required
5-10 Year Shelf-Life with Unopened Pouch

emergency food

disaster relief For long-term survival your first priority is providing essential nutrition for you and your family. The majority of your body is water and protein. Assuming you have an unlimited supply of clean water, finding high quality dietary protein then becomes paramount. All body parts and all critical bodily functions are protein dependent. Protein generates growth hormone, which stimulates muscle growth and strengthens the immune system. Empty carbohydrates and processed sugar inhibit growth hormone, preventing muscle growth and weakening the immune system.

When medical care is not available, a strong immune system, through good nutrition, is critical for survival. Fruits, vegetables and grains are "incomplete" protein sources because they do not contain all of the essential amino acids that the body needs to build healthy tissue. Only protein from animal sources, and soy, contain all of the essential amino acids, making them a "complete" protein source. Only a complete protein source – not a fat or a carbohydrate – can sustain a healthy human life for an extended period of time. Survival Protein™ is the Perfect Survival Food.

10 Important Factors for Choosing a
Perfect Survival Food Source

1. Complete Protein.
The protein source must be a complete protein.
Soy is the only edible plant that has all of the essential amino acids the body requires to build healthy tissue.
Survival Protein™ is an all-natural concentrated protein powder, made from soy, with 16 grams of complete protein per serving.

2. No Refrigeration Required.
The protein source must not require refrigeration.
Survival Protein™ contains no animal products or plant oils which are subject to deterioration. It is packaged with an air tight seal and stored at room temperature.

3. Extended Shelf Life.
The protein source must have an extended shelf life.
The published shelf life of Survival Protein™ is 2 years, but in reality, experience has shown that it is shelf stable beyond 7 years.

4. Natural Source of Fiber.
The protein source must have a natural source of fiber. Protein without fiber encourages diarrhea, dehydration and electrolyte loss, which can lead to death.
Survival Protein™ has 5 grams of fiber per serving, the equivalent fiber of 2 1/2 medium-size apples.

5. 2 to 1 Balance of Sodium to Potassium.
The protein source must have a physiologically normal 2 to 1 balance of sodium to potassium. A protein source that is high in sodium will lead to water retention, cardio-vascular and renal distress. Conversely, a product high in potassium, which is a natural diuretic, will eventually lead to dehydration and other serious health issues.
Survival Protein™ has a near perfect 2 to 1 ratio of sodium to potassium, as found in a healthy human body.

6. Water-Soluble.
The protein source must be water-soluble.
In times of stress the digestive process becomes less efficient and it becomes more difficult to absorb protein through the intestinal wall.
Survival Protein™ is virtually tasteless, mixes instantly in water or juice and is easily absorbed with the complete efficiency of water.

7. High PDCAAS.
The protein must have a high PDCAAS.
The Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score, represents the percent of dietary protein which is effectually usable at the cellular level, by humans. Survival Protein™ has a score of 99 out of 100, which is almost twice that of most animal products. With 100 indicating a perfect score, Survival Protein™ is as close to perfection as one can get.

8. Alkaline pH.
The protein source must have an Alkaline pH. The human body must neutralize any acidic food source. Your body does this by removing calcium from your bones, tissue and bloodstream. All animal protein sources, including whey protein and soy isolates, are highly acidic.
Survival Protein™ has an alkaline pH.

9. Safe, LightWeight, Easy to Carry and Inexpensive.
The protein source must be safe, light weight, easy to carry and very inexpensive.
One 2 pound resealable pouch of MotherSOY® Essential IsoFlavones has the equivalent protein of 180 cholesterol-free eggs and the fiber of 90 medium-size apples, at a cost of less than 81¢ per serving in our MotherSOY® 8 Container Family Pak. Survival Protein™ is farm grown in America's Midwest.

10. Heart Healthy, Diabetic Friendly and No Artificial Ingredients.
The protein source must be heart healthy, diabetic friendly and free from artificial ingredients, so as not to encourage any additional health problems.
Survival Protein™ is animal free, fat free, sugar free, wheat free, gluten free and does not contain any artificial ingredients.

Survival Protein™ is the
iPerfect Survival SuperFOOD

*One Serving of Survival Protein™ is Equivalent to the Protein of 5 Cholesterol-Free Eggs and the
Fiber of 2-1/2 Medium-Size Apples.

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Hurricanes, Tornados, Ice Storms, Power Outages, Earthquakes, Floods, Record Unemployment, Bank Failures, Water Contamination and Tainted Food Supplies
— Are You Prepared?

Record Unemployment – Highest in Years
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Real Estate Foreclosures – Homeless Living in Tent Cities

Thousands Still Homeless After Katrina

365 Tornadoes in First 4 Months of 2009 – Billions in Damage

750,000 People Without Power Across Wyoming Due to Ice Storm

24 dead, 1 Million People without Power – Oklahoma Ice Storm
The power outage was the worst ever in Oklahoma, with nearly 600,000 homes and businesses without electricity Tuesday. Nearly 350,000 other customers were affected by outages in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Illinois.

Tons of Drugs Taint U.S. Water Supply
U.S. manufacturers, including major drugmakers, have legally released at least 271 million pounds of pharmaceuticals into waterways that often provide drinking water – contamination the federal government has consistently overlooked. Source:

Nation's Largest Beef Recall
Due to an ABC News investigation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture ordered a recall of 143 million pounds of beef from Chinobased Westland / Hallmark Meat Company. They estimate 37 million pounds of the beef has gone to schools. The Food Safety and Inspection Service said, "[It] has determined them (cattle) to be unfit for human food."

Nuts Recalled Due to Salmonella
The nuts may be contaminated with salmonella, an organism that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections, especially in young children, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems.

Lettuce and Spinach Recall
Weeks after an E. coli outbreak forced bagged spinach off grocery store shelves, a Salinas, California-based produce company has recalled thousands of cartons of lettuce amid fears of E. coli contamination.

Salmonella Found in Raw Milk

Salmonella in Raw Eggs
Source: | |

Peanut Butter Recall Due to Salmonella
Source: | |

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